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Parent Services

As an organisation Got2B works for Young People, part of this work is to equip parents with the skills and confidence to guide their children through the teenage years.


Support is right here


We are currently unable to offer parent buddies due to funding changes and current covid-19 restrictions.  However do still contact us as we are hoping to begin again soon, we can add you to our list.

Contact our Parent Services Manager Nicola on 07399 780721 or email parent@got2b.org.uk


The Take 3 Programme is a parenting course in two parts for parents of young people aged between 10 and 18

Part 1 – a basic course consisting of ten ‘core’ sessions

Part 2 – ten extra ‘pick and mix’ sessions focusing on specific issues which can be added to the basic course

Take 3 has two main aims:

  • to improve relationships between young people and their families; and
  • to improve young people’s behaviour at home, at school and in the wider community.

To this end, the objectives of the course are to equip parents with skills and strategies to:

  • nurture their young people by encouraging them and listening to them;
  • provide appropriate structure and boundaries for their young people;
  • take care of themselves so that they have more energy for their job of parenting and can also model self-care to their young people.

If you are a professional looking to commission parenting services 

We are able to be flexible to your needs and offer very competative pricing. Contact us to see how we can help


On-line and face to face support

We are currently offering telephone and on-line support to parents, and will be returning to face to face work in line with lifting of lockdown regulations


Individual Parenting support

We can offer 1:1 support for parents from 6 sessions to a full Take 3 program


Take 3 for groups

Whether on your premises or off-site we can provide a comprehensive, evidenced based course for your clients.


“Well that’s better!!! Thanks for the chat this evening. It’s great to get things off your chest.”

“My husband had very positive feedback to give from your chat with him and he’s feeling a bit more hopeful now.” 

“I found my parent buddy really helpful and I felt less alone, having someone to talk to.” 

“Very easy to chat things through.” 

“I had a great call with my buddy last evening. Really helped me to focus and feel less stressed. It’s such a hard time for everyone at the moment and having a chat makes everything seem not so hard.”

“I have found you so helpful and easy to talk to, I always feel so much more positive after my call with you and able to carry on despite the challenges. You are amazing.”

parents feedback on Got2B Parent Buddies

February 2021