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Our Services

We are currently working with Witney and Carterton Schools, Airplay and the Families Centre in Carterton. We are fortunate to be currently funded by Oxfordshire County Council Youth Opportunity Fund, Witney and Carterton Town Councils, Councillor Priority Funding and Armed Forces Covenant Fund.

As a not-for-profit organisation, our aim is to generate an income to ensure our Youth Clubs are financed by Got2B, making them sustainable for the future.

We are proud to offer a range of services, courses, activities and workshops.
At Got2B we are keen to ensure you get the best option to meet your needs and we are very happy to customise our services to suit you.

We offer

Alternative Provision

Provision can be tailored to the needs of the young person and the referring organisation.  individual, small groups, offsite settings.  Forest School, emotional literacy, mental wellbeing, self harm, bullying neurodivergence ASD, ADHD,  PDA non attendance, anxiety, loss and trauma.

Parenting Support

Take 3 parenting programe available 1:1 and to groups. An evidence based 10 week program to help parents gain skills and strategies to help thier challenging teenagers.

Private Mentoring for Young People

Mentoring is about building a relationship which supports Young People to talk about their worries, as well as their dreams and aspirations. Unlike counselling which is focused on solely listening, mentoring offers practical strategies, positive attitudes and behaviours to empower Young People to move forward in their lives.

We work on building important life skills, confidence in social settings, resilience, overcoming difficulties and emotional well-being. Got2B Mentors are skilled at working with Young People around a whole range of themes, including healthy relationships with peers, parents and teachers, bullying, social media, identity, sexuality, mindfulness, self-esteem, future education and careers.

Workshops & Resources

Workshops and training for your staff team around a range of themes.  Resource packs on CSE and Behaviour management.


Julie has a natural ability to connect with young people. When she was little younger my daughter had a particularly difficult time, just having someone neutral, who she felt comfortable to engage with, made a great deal of difference to our situation. Someone calming, understanding and non-judgmental, really helped both me and my daughter. Feeling that you aren’t on your own and that someone else really gets your situation is such a relief. It also gave her more confidence and helped her to deal with some of the issues she was facing. I would highly recommend Julie as a fantastic resource for any young people needing help, support or guidance of any kind.


It’s been good to have walking and talking it’s got me out the house and given me some exercise It was good to talk through feelings and make sense of stuff. Young Person, Witney
I’ve enjoyed it and I would happily do more if there is the opportunity to do more. Particular found helpful talking about ADHD. Young Male, Witney
So it’s good because it got gets me out because you’re not a teacher I feel I can talk to you easier because I feel like I won’t get into trouble. Young Woman, Witney
Feedback from Mentoring Sessions