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Over recent Months there has been local concern about the behaviour of Young People at the Leys in Witney. With local newspapers headlining the following:

10th July ‘Witney supports petition for CCTV in The Leys’

13th December ‘A Spate of anti-social behaviour and vandalism in Witney has prompted calls for increased youth services in the town.’

2nd July ‘Boy attacked in The Leys park in Witney after LibFest’

The Coffee Shed on the The Leys became a target of vandalism and sadly relationships between staff and young people became strained. Working with the backing of Councillor Laura Price who is a Town Concilllor and also represents Witney at County Council Level, Got2B approached the Coffee Shed Team with the idea of a Youth Cafe.

The main aim of the 8 week project is to reduce anti-social behaviour and build relationships between young people and the coffee shed staff. We hope that funding can be secured to continue the Youth Cafe and wish to develop future work in the Witney area. The Youth Cafe creates a safe space and gives the young people a sense of ownership of the Leys area including the Coffee Shed. We are providing young people with an opportunity to experience the benefits of engaging with Youth Workers. envisage the wider impact to be positive within the community.

The Youth Cafe is on Wednesdays until Christmas 4.30-6.30pm and is open for 13-17 yr olds. We are offering free/subsidised refreshments, issue based conversations and activities, games, pizza, miniature golf, as well as friendly, qualified and experience workers.