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A New Service With Ancient Roots

So Madge asked me to write a blog about walking and talking with young people. Walking and talking isn’t new but it’s new to us, it’s been around for many many, years and dates back to Ancient Greece, who coined the term pedagogy - when servants were paid to walk with...

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Feeling Your Age

When you've worked with young people for a number of years there isn't much that shocks you.  You get to hear about the best and worst of humanity.   Sometimes young people share things with you that are incredibly hard to listen to and at other times they amuse you...

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More than Hot Chocolate and Pizza!

Hi Marion Here, So here we are 4 weeks into the Youth Café Project.  Julie and I are thrilled with what we have achieved so far.  54 Contacts with Young People – 40 male, 14 females.  Age range from 12-19 with the majority being aged 12-14. Last week we saw the...

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Got2B Youth Cafe

Got2B Youth Cafe

Over recent Months there has been local concern about the behaviour of Young People at the Leys in Witney. With local newspapers headlining the following: 10th July ‘Witney supports petition for CCTV in The Leys’ 13th December ‘A Spate of anti-social behaviour and...

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Building the Website

Wow! what a learning curve this has turned out to be! As we are starting with a zero budget, money for website building was non-existent. For once I praise Facebook's targeted adverts because it gave me the opportunity to be a beta tester for a 21 day online wordpress...

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“You haven’t seemed to have changed, since when I was young when I walked back in at that one time to speak to you, it was like, straight back into ten years ago, Youth workers are so important”


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I have worked with young people in various educational settings and in the community for over ten years. Having taken different roles in youth work, student support, safeguarding and mentoring I have gained a wealth of experience in supporting young people and their families through challenging times and in partnership with other services. I worked as the Gateway Centre Coordinator in it’s early days at Abingdon and Witney College. Here I developed the provision, writing and delivering a flexible, inclusive and supportive course designed to enable young people not currently in education, training or employment, to identify what they wanted to achieve and giving them the tools to make a successful progression.

Having spent some time home-schooling my own three children I am well-aware of the different challenges some children and young people may face in formal educational settings. It is my passion to ensure that as professionals we work in a creative and innovative way to ensure everyone has the opportunity and access to an education that is right for them. To be included and to feel empowered.

I recently graduated with an MA in Fine Art and so as an artist I am looking forward to exploring creative opportunities for expression and connection with the local community.


Emma is studying at Ruskin College and is completing her fieldwork placement with Got2B


Libby is a Ruskin College student and is completing her fieldwork placement with Got2B


Claire is our  Sessional Assistant Youth Worker and  works mainly in Witney on the detached youth sessions. 


Nicola is our Parent Services Manager.

Nicola has 4 children, 2 with additional needs. She has a wealth of knowledge to support Parents.


Sophie is studying Health & Social Care at Abingdon and Witney College.  She is completing her work placment with us at Got2B


As a BSc psychology student, I use my knowledge as well as personal experience with mental health to advocate for a no-stigma, open and honest approach to conversations around mental health and well-being. 


Lenny is our Pets As Therapy Dog. He joins us at lots of sessions, including walking and talking mentoring.  He is the favourite team member of most young people we meet, and loves a good belly rub.

Growing up in Carterton, youth clubs were a part of my life throughout my teens, so I am so excited to be a part of the GOT2B team. As a BSc psychology student, I use my knowledge as well as personal experience with mental health to advocate for a no-stigma, open and honest approach to conversations around mental health and well-being. Mental health advocacy is a true passion of mine - young people deserve better, and my aim is to provide them with the best possible outcomes in life. I especially love using creativity and emotional literacy as tools of expression, providing explorative ways of both understanding and coping with difficulties. Being a ‘young person’ myself (a tittle I’m still clinging onto at 20!) I form connections that are understanding and caring, and where no topic is taboo.  

Lizzie Hubbard

Assistant Youth Worker

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